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A keychain that saves lives! Preview

A keychain that saves lives!

At the beginning of autumn, just in the field, just on the Ukrainian land, this metallic horror — a fragment of a Russian rocket — flew. The missile was shot down by our air defense forces, so no one was hurt, and this wreckage landed in a field. The terrorist country is insidiously trying to destroy us, destroying our cities and taking the lives of Ukrainians. But as they say, you reap what you sow. The Russians pointed their weapons at us, but we know how to turn them against them. Now, from the fragment of this piece of iron, we made patriotic keychains, which will eventually help us in the fight against Mordor. Using a special technology, we applied various patriotic drawings to the key chains. Here is the Trident in various versions, and a Cossack with a saber, even T.G. Shevchenko with an inspired phrase. All these images are symbols of Ukrainian indomitability and independence. You can order for yourself such an exclusive souvenir from the wreckage of an enemy missile and help our defenders. All funds received for the keychains go to help the Armed Forces. The price of any copy is UAH 2,000. We will purchase tactical clothing, night vision equipment, etc. with the funds withdrawn from the keychains. You can see a complete list of needs on our website in the Needs section You can donate using these details👇 "CHARITABLE FUND HELPING THE PEOPLE OF UKRAINE" Help to the people of Ukraine UA613133990000026004040201921 Everything will be Ukraine!


So our SUV has already reached the front line! Preview

So our SUV has already reached the front line!

Thank you to everyone who donated to this car. Now this Jeep is ready to save the lives of military and civilians at the front. At first, we bought this car for donations, then we made a separate collection for the maintenance of the car. We redesigned it in such a way that it could be used to carry the wounded from the battlefield. Now this car will really save lives. And they did not hand over the car to the boys with an empty trunk. They packed warm gifts for Christmas: socks, medicines and shovels to bury you know who. The car turned out pretty, what do you think?


Motorola two-way radios Preview

Motorola two-way radios

Got much needed two-way radios and delivered them to the front line


Thermal Telescope Preview

Thermal Telescope

Finally purchased and delivered a thermal telescope which should be really useful on the front line, also helped some new guys to get to the collection points


Sleeping bags and drawings from children Preview

Sleeping bags and drawings from children

The guys have received sleeping bags and drawings from the children


New portion of food supplies and other Preview

New portion of food supplies and other

Handed over a new portion of food supplies, rain coats and some smaller things Also paid for the paint of the van


Medical car is needed ASAP Preview

Medical car is needed ASAP

We have an urgent need of a new AWD medical car for the evacuation of wounded soldiers


Groceries and tools Preview

Groceries and tools

Got a good amount of groceries and some tools like chainsaw, perforator and motobur


Internal bone access Preview

Internal bone access

Brought to the front line much needed internal bone access devices that can save lives


Gifts from the kids Preview

Gifts from the kids

Guys got drawings of a patriotic nature from children


New tires are needed Preview

New tires are needed

New set of tires (195/65 R15) is needed ASAP for the medical car The car is in good condition overall and has helped to evacuate about 70 people in ~3 months.


Signed t-shirts Preview

Signed t-shirts

Signed t-shirts will go on sale on our website soon


Military boots, t-shirts and sneakers Preview

Military boots, t-shirts and sneakers

More clothes for our fighters


Custom message on artillery shell Preview

Custom message on artillery shell

We are going to launch an ability for you to order a custom message on an artillery shell in the near future


New drone Preview

New drone

Handed over a new drone with an additional battery


More tourniquets and bandages Preview

More tourniquets and bandages

Delivered to the front line as always


Military helmets Preview

Military helmets

Delivered a good number of military helmets


T-Shirts and groceries Preview

T-Shirts and groceries

Handed over 30 T-Shirts and 60 kilograms of groceries The medical van is in good condition, helps to perform combat missions


Drone, food and fridge Preview

Drone, food and fridge

Got a DJI Mavic Pro drone, lots of food, electric kettles and a fridge.


Van for medical purposes Preview

Van for medical purposes

Purchased a van for the medical team, it used to be an ambulance in Finland, filled it up with water, groceries and miscellaneous stuff.


Tourniquets and Bandages Preview

Tourniquets and Bandages

Delivered to the front line The medical car has already helped to evacuate about 35 wounded soldiers


Medical Supplies Preview

Medical Supplies

Purchased various medicines and delivered to the hospital


Kevlar helmet, military boots and uniform Preview

Kevlar helmet, military boots and uniform

Ordered the helmet from Israel, had to wait 2 weeks, also got a military uniform from 5.11 Tactical and boots.


Got a car for medical purposes Preview

Got a car for medical purposes

Bought a car Changed oil, filters Replaced front bearing Filled with provisions, cigarettes, long-life bread, Easter cakes for the guys 5.5 kV generator Canister with gasoline And on the road, back to the guys


Helping with moving Preview

Helping with moving

Helped some guys to get to the collection points


It all started with a text Preview

It all started with a text

Bought at the stores: Stew Canned food Condensed milk Pasta Sugar Cereals Sunflower oil Pasta Soups Cigarettes Tea Coffee Water 500 liters Sleeping bags Military Boots Caps Flashlights Military uniforms And many other, smaller things It was the first trip, delivered everything by myself