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At the beginning of autumn, just in the field, just on the Ukrainian land, this metallic horror — a fragment of a Russian rocket — flew. The missile was shot down by our air defense forces, so no one was hurt, and this wreckage landed in a field. The terrorist country is insidiously trying to destroy us, destroying our cities and taking the lives of Ukrainians. But as they say, you reap what you sow. The Russians pointed their weapons at us, but we know how to turn them against them. Now, from the fragment of this piece of iron, we made patriotic keychains, which will eventually help us in the fight against Mordor. Using a special technology, we applied various patriotic drawings to the key chains. Here is the Trident in various versions, and a Cossack with a saber, even T.G. Shevchenko with an inspired phrase. All these images are symbols of Ukrainian indomitability and independence. You can order for yourself such an exclusive souvenir from the wreckage of an enemy missile and help our defenders. All funds received for the keychains go to help the Armed Forces. We will purchase tactical clothing, night vision equipment, etc. with the funds withdrawn from the keychains. You can see a complete list of needs on our website in the Needs section Everything will be Ukraine!


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